Badly written adverts, or adverts missing vital information can make the difference between a horse selling quickly or selling slowly, or even not at all, so check out our tips to writing an advert for your horse for sale.

  1. Write a good title for your advert. For example if you are selling a dressage horse although "Dressage Horse For Sale" is fine, a title such as "Stunning Dressage Horse With Elevated Paces" catches the attention more.
  2. Be sure to include basic information about the horse in the advert ie age, height, gender, breed if known and colour. It is surprising the number of adverts that forget to mention such vital information.
  3. When placing an advert online there is often no limit to the amount of text that can be included so make the most of this but don't ramble on - keep the advert simple and to the point.
  4. If the horse is registered with a breed society then mention this in the advert.
  5. If the horse has a famous or successful sire, include this information in the advert.
  6. Include details of what the horse has done in the past and what level of work/competition the horse is currently doing and the disciplines the horse enjoys most or would be most suitable for.
  7. Mention the type of rider the horse would suit ie nervous, novice or experienced rider, etc.
  8. Mention any competitive achievements and winnings.
  9. When mentioning if the horse is used for hacking, state whether it hacks alone and/or in company and how it behaves in open fields and in traffic.
  10. Be honest about any vices or health issues - it will help to ensure your horse goes to a good home that can cope with any issues and avoid any possible legal action later.
  11. Do not state that a horse is "100%" in any way ie safe, in traffic, etc - this is unrealistic as even the calmest horse can be unpredictable or spooked, particularly in new enviroments or situations.
  12. Include the usual good to: catch, load (in trailer and/or horsebox), clip, worm, with farrier - if the information is missing prospective buyers may conclude the horse is not good to do all these things.
  13. State if any tack or equipment is included in the price.
  14. Include the price. POA (price on application) can put a lot of potential buyers off, as they assume the price is unrealistically high.
  15. Select good quality photographs to accompany your advert.
  16. Create a video to accompany your advert.