Riding trek leaders are responsible for taking groups of holiday makers on hacks and need to be a good rider, friendly and have good communication skills. Check out our guide to the duties, hours, training and qualifications needed as a horse riding trek leader.

Duties Of A Horse Riding Trek Leader

  • Assessing the riding ability of individuals and matching them to a suitable horse or pony
  • Ensuring riders are able to mount, dismount and halt
  • Ensuring that appropriate safety clothing is worn and health and safety rules are followed
  • Planning and organising riding routes
  • Organising trek assistants and yard staff
  • Adminstering first aid in the event that a rider falls from a horse

Duties may also include mucking out, turning out and bringing in, tack cleaning, tacking up and untacking horses, etc.

Working Hours Of A Horse Riding Trek Leader

Work is often seasonal and during the summer months can involve working long hours into the evenings and during the weekends.

Requirments Of A Horse Riding Trek Leader

A trek leader needs to:

  • have good horse riding skills
  • be fit as the job will involve riding for several hours each day
  • have a good knowledge and awareness of safety issues
  • enjoy working with people and to be able to communicate well with people of all ages
  • be patient and be able to work with riders of all abilities
  • have human first aid training
  • be willing to work outside in all weather conditions

Pay And Prospects Of A Horse Riding Trek Leader

Rates of pay vary according to age, qualifications and experience but, as a guide, the average salary of a full time trek leader may range from £12,000-£17,000 per annum. Trek Leaders could consider training and progressing to becoming a Centre Manager.

Training And Qualifications To Become A Horse Riding Trek Leader

The qualifications below are relevant to anyone thinking of becoming a horse riding holiday trek leader.

    • BHS Riding and Road Safety Certificate
    • Health & Safety First Aid at Work, BHS First Aid or appropriate National equivalent.
    • BHS Stage 1
    • BHS Stage 2
    • EQL Equestrian Tourism Ride Leader Level 2 - candidates must be 16 years of age
    • EQL Equestrian Tourism Ride Leader Level 3 - candidates must be 18 years of age