Grooming kit is the name given to the collection of brushes and combs that are needed to keep a horse clean, shining and healthy. Each brush or comb serves a different purpose and the most common items that form a grooming kit are listed below.

Dandy brush

A brush with long stiff bristles used for removing dry surface dirt out of the coat, usually used on the less sensitive parts of the horse's body.

Body brush

A brush with soft bristles used to remove the grease and dust from the coat that can be used on sensitive areas such as the head. The body brush needs to be rubbed over a curry comb regularly during grooming to avoid brushing dust back into the coat.

Metal curry comb

A square plate of metal with rows of raised serrated metal used to remove dust and dirt from a body brush by brushing the body brush over the serrated strips.

Rubber curry comb

A rubber "brush" with rubber cone shaped bristles or bumps to remove mud and loose hair from the horse.

Water brush

A brush with stiff bristles to be used when applying water to the horse's coat, mane or tail to dampen or wash the horse.

Mane and tail brush

Similar to a hair brush a mane and tail brush is used to brush through the horse's mane and tail quick and easily.

Mane comb

Most often metal, but sometimes plastic, a mane comb can be used to comb the mane and tail of the horse although a mane and tail brush is a quicker and easier option. Mane combs are used to pull manes, and can be used to comb sections of manes to be plaited.

Hoof pick

Hoof Picks are either metal or plastic and are used for removing dirt and stones packed into the underside the horse's hooves.


A sponge is used for cleaning eyes, nose and dock area as well as cleaning wounds.

Sweat scraper

A sweat scraper consists of a handle and an arched head with rubber edges and is to wipe away sweat or excess water from the horse after washing.

Stable rubber

A stable rubber or good linen drying up cloth can be dampened and gently wiped over the body to give the horse a final polish.

Grooming kit box/bag, tack box

There are a variety of plastic boxes and bags with different compartments designed for the storage of grooming kits.