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The following describes permitted saddlery, tack and bits for competing in dressage competitions.


An english or continental style saddle in brown, black, grey or navy is permitted. Side saddles are permitted but western or brightly coloured saddles are not permitted. A gel pad seat saver is only permitted provided it is unobtrusive and matches the colour of saddle.


At Preliminary and Novice levels an ordinary snaffle bridle must be worn, at Elementary to Grand Prix level dressage competitions under national rules a snaffle or double bridle may be worn, whilst at Prix St Georges and Grand Prix dressage levels under FEI rules a double bridle must be worn.

Any bridle must have a noseband and this can be a cavesson, drop or flash noseband with a snaffle bridle. Double bridles must have a cavesson noesband. Grackle nosebands are only permitted for eventing.


Permitted bits with a snaffle bridle are: loose ring snaffle, snaffle with jointed mouth piece where middle piece is rounded, eggbut snaffle, racing snaffle D ring, eggbut snaffle with cheeks, loose ring snaffle with cheeks (fulmer), snaffle with upper cheeks only, hanging cheek snaffle, straight bar snaffle (mullen mouth and eggbut rings), snaffle with rotating mouthpiece, double jointed with roller in the centre. Bits made of rubber, nylon or other synthetic materials are allowed. Bit guards are not allowed.

Permitted bits with a double bridle are: loose ring bridoon it, bridoon bit with jointed mouthpiece where the middle piece is rounded, eggbut bridoon bit, bridoon bit with hanging cheeks.

Other Tack

Martingales, bandages, boots, blinkers, tongue straps and bearing, side or running reins are not permitted. Beastplates and breast girths are permitted, and cruppers are permitted except for dressage tests run under FEI rules.

Neckstraps are permitted at Preliminary level, in 4 year old classes and in young horse classes where horses are ridden in groups but not permitted at Novice upwards. Balancing straps (loop in front of saddle) are permitted.

Any unusual decoration of the horse such as ribbons, glitter, flowers, etc is not permitted although a discrete red bow in the tail is permitted for a horse that kicks.

Fly fringes, nose gauzes and ear covers, may be worn when riding in but not in actual test. In some cases headshakers may receive written dispensation by applying to the dressage office to wear a nose gauze and a copy of the dispensation certificate must be sent to the competition organiser.

Anti fly impregnated browbands and fly repellent discs are permitted.