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Riding Hat

A protective hat conforming to either PAS015, EN1384, BSEN1384, ASTM F1163 (2004) with SEI mark, or SNELL E2001 must be worn at any dressage competition up to Advanced Medium level. Hats must be worn by riders at all times when mounted including whilst warming up or exercising. Top hats and uniform hats are permitted only for Advanced to Grand Prix level including FEI Young Rider level dressage competitions. Hats and hat covers must be black, navy blue or a conservative dark colour that matches the rider's jacket.

Shirt, Stock, Tie

A white shirt with either a stock or tie should be worn.

Riding Jacket

At Preliminary level dressage to Advanced Medium level dressage a conservative coloured dark jacket, tweed jacket or uniform jacket should be worn. Subtle pinstripes, coloured collars and contrast piping to collar, lapels, pockets and vents is permitted At Advanced level dressage a uniform, tail coat or black/navy coat should be worn.


Gloves must be worn and should preferably be white, beige or cream.


Breeches or jodhpurs must be white, cream or beige. If part of an official uniform they may be of the uniform colour.


Black or brown boots should be worn. These may be long boots or jodhpur boots with gaiters providing the gaiters are identical leather to boots with no decoration. Patent top boots are allowed.

Body Protector

Body protectors and inflatable jackets are not required but may be worn.


Whips are not required but are permitted except in Area Festivals, Championship classes, when riding an FEI pony, Junior or Young Rider tests or at the request of selectors. A whip is permitted in all 4 year old classes including championship classes and by ladies riding side saddle.


Spurs may be worn up to Advanced Medium level dressage and must be worn from Advanced level dressage upwards. Comb spurs are not permitted and only blunt spurs without rowels are permitted for Young Horse Classes.