Sharing a horse is where the horse owner forms a partnership with another rider to share the riding and sometimes other duties involved in caring for the horse.  

When sharing a horse the owner continues to care for and ride the horse at its current location but allows a sharer to come and ride their horse for a set number of days each week in return for a financial contribution and/or help with the horse's care.

The owner benefits from having someone to help with the horse's care, exercise and finances.

The sharer benefits from being able to ride a number of times each week in addition to gaining experience of caring for a horse and the commitment involved and it can act as a useful stepping stone between riding lessons at a riding school and loaning/buying a horse.

Each share agreement will vary but many owners looking to share their horse often offer riding 2-4 times per week in return for a financial contribution of around £100 per month with some duties such as feeding, mucking out and changing rugs on the days that the sharer attends to the horse.