Before looking through horse for sale adverts decide on the type of horse to buy. It is a good idea to make a list of what qualities are essential in any horse or pony and a separate list of what would be desirable or preferred when choosing a horse to buy. Any horse considered should at least have all of the qualities listed on the "essential" list and will hopefully have one or two of the qualities from the desired or preferred list also. Things to list can include:


Hardy, robust breeds of horse do well living out all year round whereas finer breeds of horse often require much more care if kept out all year, or may require to be stabled during the winter and so can be more costly to keep and require more time.

Different breeds of horse range in height, temperament and ability. Research the different breeds of horse and list breeds that suit the height, temperament and ablities required.


Young horses need confident and experienced riders whereas an older horse is equally suited to experienced and novice riders. It is not normally a wise choice for a novice rider/owner to take on a young novice horse (eg 6 years or under) that is not mentally mature and still has many new experiences to encounter.


Any potential owner should be realistic about their own riding abilities and ability to handle a horse. Although some people like to buy a horse which can take them further in their riding, to buy a horse far beyond the rider's capabilities may mean buying a horse or pony that will be too much to handle and lead to regrets of buying it, knock the owner's confidence, or even prove to be a danger to the owner.