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Miscellaneous News

Fattened Up, Frightened And Treated Like Freight - Charity Highlights Agonising Impact On Horses Of Long-Distance Journeys Across Europe For Slaughter

Leading international charity, World Horse Welfare, has released a shocking new account showing the physical and mental impact long-distance transportation to slaughter has on the horses who are forced to spend up to 24 hours on the road at a time before being unloaded to rest.

Can You Give A Home To One Of World Horse Welfare’s Loneliest Ponies?

World Horse Welfare is urging the public to consider rehoming as the charity highlights the horses and ponies on its rehoming scheme who have been waiting the longest for a loving home.

The British's Horse Society's Dead Slow Road Safety Campaign To Reach Millions Of UK Drivers

Petrol pump advertising has been rolled out to 96 major supermarket petrol forecourts across the UK, reaching a potential 9.2 million drivers.

New World Horse Welfare Sponsored Rescue Classes At Royal Norfolk Show

Rescue horses and ponies will be putting their best hooves forward at the 2016 Royal Norfolk Show in June to compete in brand new showing classes dedicated to rehomed equines and sponsored by charity, World Horse Welfare.

Dead? Or Dead Slow?: New statistics reveal threat on Britain’s roads for horse riders

Over 60% of incidents involving horses on the roads happen between 10am and 3pm, with accidents most commonly occurring in June, new statistics from The British Horse Society (BHS) reveal.

RSPCA Seeking A Temporary Home For Nicki's Mare-ternity Leave

Piebald mare Nicki is currently being cared for at RSPCA Lockwood, near Godalming, but hopes for a foster home this spring where she can welcome her new arrival in peace.

World Horse Welfare Highlights Wide-Reaching Consequences Of Irresponsible Breeding In Horses

As part of its ‘invisible horse’ initiative and in the run up to Mother’s Day, World Horse Welfare is highlighting the far-reaching implications of irresponsible breeding on the mares, foals and the charity’s resources.

Horse Owners Urged To ‘Join the Charge’ Against Laminitis With New Video

World Horse Welfare has produced an innovative short film featuring a number of its rescue horses which is aimed at motivating horse owners to join the CARE About Laminitis study and drive research to identify risk factors for the disease.

Unique Equine Sculpture Trail To Feature At 2016 Badminton Horse Trials

A herd of horse sculptures will be joining competitors at the 2016 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials as part of World Horse Welfare’s ‘Invisible Horse Trail’ created by celebrated sculptor and designer, Judy Boyt and working in partnership with a number of the UK’s best artists.

World Horse Welfare Research Raises Concerns That Thousands Of Unrecorded Foals Are Born Every Year

World Horse Welfare research to find the number of foals born in the UK has revealed that it is almost impossible to quantify just how many join the horse population each year as thousands of foals born every year are unrecorded and therefore invisible.