Buying A Horse From A Private Seller

The majority of people buy horses from private sellers but when buying a horse from a private advertiser there are no consumer rights when buying a horse from a private seller so it is case of "buyer beware" so check out our guide to buying from a private seller.

Advertisements for horses for sale from private individuals can be found in saddlery shops, local papers, equestrian magazines and on web sites.  It is wise to scan advertisements carefully, as it is often not what is said in the advertisement but what is not said to look out for and to enquire about, as the seller often will omit any bad points about a horse from an advertisement.  For example, if a horse is said to be "good to catch, with farrier and dentist, to load" then it might mean it's never been clipped or is not good to clip as it's not mentioned in the advert.  Therefore it is important to ask questions about anything that is omitted from the advert as well as asking for further details on what is stated. Check out our guide to Enquiring About A Horse For Sale.

As no consumer rights exist when buying a horse from a private seller the buyer should undertake their own investigations to satisfy themselves that the horse is suitable and fit for their intended purpose.  However a buyer may be able to make a claim under the Sale of Goods Act or for misrepresentation if the seller made a false statement of fact that was a deciding factor in going ahead with the horse purchase.  Therefore it is wise to ensure that a Purchase Contract with details of the horse as advertised and described is agreed and signed with the seller as this may be required as evidence in the event of any later claim for misrepresentation.

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