Horse Purchase Agreement

A sample horse sale contract template for guidance only.  Legal advice should be sought to ensure that that any written agreement is legally binding.

Download this Horse Purchase Contract as a Word document


This agreement is made the ____ day of ___________________ 20__

Between: _________________________________________________
(the "Seller")

Whose address is: __________________________________________


And: _____________________________________________________
(the "Purchaser")

Whose address is: __________________________________________


Covering the sale of the horse known as: ______________________
(the "Horse")

Passport No: ______________________________________________

Freezemark No: ____________________________________________

Microchip No: ______________________________________________

Height: ___________________________________________________

Colour: __________________________________________________

Sex: _____________________________________________________

Age: _____________________________________________________

For the sale price of £________________________________________
(the "Price")

* Delete as appropriate.

Signed: ____________________________________________________________
(The "Seller")

Date: ______________________________

Signed: ____________________________________________________________
(The "Purchaser")

Date: ______________________________

  1. The Seller hereby warrants that they are the legal owner of the Horse and has the right to sell the Horse.
  2. The Seller declares that the Horse’s details above are accurate and true.
  3. The Seller declares that the details given in the sale advert (see below) are accurate and true:
    (Insert the advert published of the horse for sale here.)
  4. The Seller declares that the following oral statements made to the Purchaser are accurate and true:
    (Insert any oral statements or claims made by the Seller affecting the decision of the Purchaser to purchase the Horse.)
  5. The Seller declares that the Horse has exhibited no stable vices or behavioural problems whilst in their care, except as detailed below.
    (Insert any known stable vices or behavioural problems here.)
  6. The Seller declares that the Horse’s vaccinations for flu and tetanus are up-to-date.
  7. The Seller declares that the following additional items are the legal property of the Seller and are included within the Price.
    (Insert any tack and equipment included in the sale price here)
  8. The Seller declares that to the best of their knowledge the horse has no unsoundness or health problems that would make the Horse unfit for general riding work.
  9. The Seller makes no warranties or representations whatsoever regarding future fitness and performance of the Horse.
  10. Upon receipt of a deposit of £ _____ from the Purchaser, the Seller shall issue a dated receipt to the Purchaser and agrees not sell the Horse to another party for a period of one week.
  11. The Purchaser has the right to arrange at their own cost a pre-purchase veterinary examination and the Seller agrees to make the Horse available for such. Such pre-purchase veterinary examination shall be carried out within one week of payment of the deposit.
  12. Should the Horse fail the pre-purchase examination the Purchaser has the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and upon such termination the deposit shall be repaid to the Purchaser.
  13. Upon acceptance of any pre-purchase veterinary examination, or where the Purchaser has waived the right to a pre-purchase veterinary examination, the Purchaser agrees to pay to the Seller the balance £ _____ for the Horse within one week of the deposit being paid.
  14. Should the Purchaser fail to pay the balance within one week of the date of deposit, the Seller has the right to terminate this Agreement whereupon the Purchaser shall forfeit the deposit paid.
  15. Upon payment of the balance, the Seller shall provide the Purchaser with a dated receipt for payment and hand over the Horse's passport to the Purchaser.
  16. Upon payment of the Price in full the Horse shall become the property of the Purchaser.
  17. The Purchaser agrees that they will arrange for removal of the horse from the Seller's premises at their own cost within 2 days of payment of the Price in full.
  18. This Agreement shall be governed by the law of England and Wales/Scotland*.

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